Alohomora is a python WebUI designed to manage Nginx white-listed IP addresses. The web interface allows you to add and remove IP addresses from a list. As soon as an IP address is added, deleted, or expired, an allow.conf file is generated. A watcher automatically detects any change in the allow.conf file and copies it in the Nginx configuration directory before reloading Nginx.

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QtPentestTool is a GUI implemented in Python using PyQt5. The tool organizes the traces of a pentest, all the data of a project being stored in files and directories.



VulnDB is a simple PHP/JavaScript application to manage templates for pentest reports. Create templates with a title, an OWASP category and a description with consequences and recommendations, and copy it when you have to in your pentest report.



For 7 years of the site, everything changes, starting with the name. RIP Tuto Wibb … My personal website and my news website merge under the vonKrafft banner, Chronicles of a cybersecurity consultant. For this migration, I create a new design and I leave WordPress for Hugo, a static site generator implemented with Golang.

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Sotic Dashboard

  •  Wandrille K.
  •  January 2016
  •  Sotic

otic is a company specializing in the design and installation of geared motors. These geared motors are equipped with cards that can handle multiple sensors (consumption, temperature, speed, …). All measurements from these sensors are recorded in a database. The goal of the project was to design and develop a web application for viewing intuitively these measures.

GearmotorWeb applicationBootstrapAdminObject Oriented Programming (OOP)MySQLHTMLCSSPHP


Espace 161

  •  Wandrille K.
  •  September 2015
  •  APBB

“Espace161” was created for the public Chaplaincy of Boulogne-Billancourt secondary schools to present the project to rebuild the 161. The little house of the Chaplaincy ideally located next to the high school Jacques Prévert, in the center of Boulogne, is unfortunately too small to accommodate all the activities of the chaplaincy. The 161 project involves to build a new building to replace the existing one, and this site is here to help communicate about the project and to involve anyone who wants to help the project.

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As a part of industrial projects at Esisar, I developed a PHP web application to administer a MySQL database. The goal is to set up PLCs using an integrated component library included in the application, and then to generate an XML file to import it into the interface of the physical controller.

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Btrfs Wiki

This site was designed to present our study on “file systems: zfs, btrfs and ext4?". A project written in the PI411 course at Esisar (Grenoble INP).

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The Esilan is a LAN party held several times a year by the IT Club of Esisar. This Wordpress site allows students to create an account to register to different LAN parties and tournaments offered. The official website is on the server:

EsisarLAN PartyUsers managementProductsE-CommerceWordpressThèmeCustom PostGestion des utilisateursPluginWooCormercesACFTinyMCEHTMLCSSPHP

  •  Wandrille K. & the team Ajusteo
  •  August 2014

Carried out during a seasonal job at Ajusteo, this website is intended for, company based in Boulogne-Billancourt (92). This website aims to offer a web version of the paper guide published annually by and allow different providers to manage their account with their personal information.

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Paniers de Légumes

Sport Nature club of Esisar needed a site to enable students to order bio products. The basic operation was developped Thom and I carried out the website’s layout. This website is no longer relevant and has been replaced by a version 2 conducted in April 2015 and push in production in September 2015.

Vegetable basketsOrderUser accountHTMLCSSPHP


“MultiKompte” allows to manage easily amounts expenses between many people. For each expense, simply indicate who pay what, when and for whom? Then, the website computes total spending, and who owes how much to whom to balance the amounts. The site also includes statistics for easily see the amount of expenditure for each categories.

Amounts managementCalculationAlgorithmsHTMLCSSPHP


Tuto Wibb Informatique

“Tuto Wibb Informatique” is my first website. Originally created on Kazeo platform, it was migrated to WordPress in November 2013, hosted by Free. In June 2015, the site was repatriated on server. It was originally created to teach me the web and learn HTML and CSS. Here you will find IT news, tutorials and guides …

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